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The Ordinary Coverage Foundation – Is It Worth The Hype?!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

The Ordinary Foundation

So I have to admit, as soon as I see people ranting and raving about a new beauty product I’m one of the first people to jump on the band wagon and give it a go. So it was no surprise that I looked everywhere to get my hands on a bottle of this foundation.

‘The Ordinary’ are a skin care brand that are typically known from producing high quality products at a low price, so is it any wonder that when they released their new foundations everyone lost their marbles. They released the ‘Coverage’ foundation and the ‘Serum’ foundation, but me being a lover of a good high coverage foundation I needed to get my hands on the coverage one. When these foundations were released they COMPLETELY sold out, everyone went crazy to get their hands on these!! Also the fact that these foundations retail at £5.90 explains why people everywhere wanted to try this for themselves.

I finally after weeks of searching got my hands on a bottle from Victoria Health. I ordered the shade 2.1P (the ‘P’ meaning pink undertones) and I waited in anticipation for the arrival of this foundation that everyone was talking about. The website had made some claims that I found extremely bold for such a cheap foundation, so clearly this made me even more excited because if it did what it said on the tin I had found a bargain at only £5.90. The website claims that the ‘coverage foundation is full coverage and blends effortlessly whilst making the skin glow. It also makes the claim that it provides a smooth finish and doesn’t end up feeling/looking heavy or cakey like other full coverage foundations tend to do. What more could a girl want?!

So when it arrived I put it straight to the test, I applied it at around Midday and used The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer (which I love) underneath the foundation. My first thoughts were about the colour of the foundation, I had ordered 2.1P which was for pink undertones but this foundation was completely yellow! I dread to imagine how yellow the Y shades are. I continued with the application and I really was impressed with the formula and how it blended into the skin. It wasn’t completely mattifying, I’d say personally I found it more demi-matte which I initially liked. After applying I continued the rest of my face and I was soimpressed with the end result. I must say I didn’t find it FULL coverage, I felt it was more medium but it looked so nice on the skin after being applied that I really didn’t mind. It didn’t look heavy on the skin as the website claimed and it hadn’t made my large pores look even larger, was I onto a winner?!

As the day went on unfortunately my initial love I had for this foundation went totally out the window. I looked at my face to see it had sank into lines in my face that I didn’t even know existed, no thanks!!! It had also began to separate on my chin, which for me was the worst part as I never have this problem with foundations. It had made my pores look enlarged and I honestly felt like you could see every little lump or bump on my face 10x more. On the plus side, I didn’t need to powder as much as I usually would so while it was brilliant at keeping my oil at bay it failed in other aspects.

With this foundation I really do feel like you get what you pay for. I loved how it looked after I first applied it to my face, and the coverage was beautiful. I was just so disappointed with how it went on my skin later on in the day, in future this will be my ‘popping out for a few hours’ foundation as it really didn’t provide in terms of staying power.

Thanks for reading my first blog post!! Let me know what you think and any suggestions would be appreciated!

Love Suzy x

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