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My Makeup Story – What Made Me Want To Do It As A Career?

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Many girls come into the salon and when in conversation they always want to know how I realised this was the job I wanted to do. They ask me if it’s something I’ve always been interested and wanted to do. My answer I tell them is no, it wasn’t. When I was younger I had no interest in makeup, always was the ‘tomboy‘ compared to other girls. It wasn’t until my teenage years my interest started to appear.

Most girls when they’re children are breaking in mummy’s makeup bag and smearing lipstick all over their face, but I wasn’t that child. Makeup didn’t interest me in the slightest. Unfortunately when I hit my teenage years I started to suffer with acne, from never having a spot in my life to being covered in all these large spots was obviously very distressing for a teenage girl. I tried everything, and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. From the most expensive options, to the cheapest, to prescription. NOTHING WORKED! I tried going to a salon on a regular basis and having facials, really looking after my skin but no luck. I tried the old wives tales and the google remedies, still no luck. I tried prescription creams, again no luck. I even went to a Chinese medical centre and tried what they suggested. Shock horror, no luck. This was really getting me down and having a big impact on my confidence, this is when I decided to dabble with a little makeup.

I knew nothing. Not one clue did I have about makeup. I didn’t nearly know where to begin but I knew that I needed to do something to help me regain the confidence I was losing in myself. From the very first day I purchased my first foundation I fell in love. Not because it made me look good or I now felt grown up like all my other friends, but because this little tiny bottle was helping me to cover up what had been making my so unhappy. I couldn’t believe it, I became obsessed with foundation and concealers. Every week when I got my pocket money I would buy a knew foundation/concealer and try it on my skin. My bedroom was like a cave just filled with bottles of foundation everywhere! I got so much excitement out of going into the town after school on a Friday afternoon and buying a new bottle of foundation to try. This is, for me, where it all began.

For me I didn’t become interested because it made me feel more grown up or because I was good at it, it was because it was helping me to get back that confidence that I was losing every day that my acne stayed. Fortunately, as I got later into my teenage years my acne left on its own due to changes in hormones etc, but my obsession with makeup didn’t leave. This is when I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life. That feeling I got when I put on my makeup was brilliant, I wanted to be able to make other people feel the same. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just cover my problem skin with makeup and forget about it, skincare is very important to me and still is as I feel it is one of the most important parts for a ‘flawless base’. I just love being able to make people fall in love with their reflection! Having people look at their reflection in awe with a big smile on their face is an amazing feeling.

Not only do I love it because it can provide people with confidence that they are lacking, but it’s an amazing way for people to be able to express themselves. There are NO rules with makeup, you can be as creative or neutral as you want. The opportunities are endless! You can do something different everyday, have the same look everyday, it can completely transform a person.

My love of makeup also taught me one very important thing, to love myself. If I loved myself with makeup why couldn’t I love myself withoutit? After all, makeup is only enhancing the features that you yourself already have! It showed me that I can feel be a confident woman with makeup, so why couldn’t I be the same confident woman without it?

So I just thought I’d give you all an insight into how I came to the conclusion that this was the career for me on this miserable Sunday evening.

Suzy x

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