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How To Get The Most From Your Makeup Appointment?

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Hi guys! Its been a while and I apologise but I have been extremely busy lately, rushed off my feet and the blog had to take a little back seat. Anyway, I am back with a little post which I think some of you may find beneficial as I am often asked ‘what do I need to do before my appointment?‘ I’m just checking in to give you a few tips on what helps for your makeup appointment! Just to also point out in no way do you have to do any of these things, but if you have time and like to be prepared it is handy.

1) Exfoliating and skincare – This can play a major role in how your makeup looks and sits on your skin. I try to remind all my clients that if you look after your skin your makeup will always sit better! I like to exfoliate before applying my makeup to remove all dead skin cells and grime from the skin, so the makeup has a nice fresh and clean surface to sit on. I’m not saying you have to have clear or perfect skin, by no means. I’m just saying that a little exfoliating before a makeup appointment goes a long way. Imagine you don’t exfoliate and all the dead skin cells are sitting on your face, when you are applying a product and blending it into the skin you are pulling all the dead skin cells around your face!

2) Having an idea – It always makes my job that little bit easier and quicker if the client has a slight idea of what they want. I’m not saying you need to know exactly what you want but an idea of colours and even what you definitely DO NOT want can give me somewhere to start. For example, if you really aren’t sure of what look you want to go for but know for a fact you definitely do not want anything glittery then I at least know what to avoid!

3) Tanning – This only applies to people who will be fake tanning!!! I know I know, I am a nuisance and half of my clients will kill me for saying this but if you are going to be wearing fake tan please try to have it done before your appointment (even if you just put it on your neck and chest as a colour guide for me). I have so many clients that do not get time to do their self tan before their appointment and I have to guess what colour their tan will be when applying their foundation, this can sometimes be like mission impossible! I understand sometimes we really don’t have time and that is totally no problem but even if you have time to stick a little tan on your neck and chest to help me that would be saving me alot of educated guessing!

4) Being realistic – This is a big one that I can not stress enough. When you are looking online at pictures for inspiration please be aware that some pictures are photoshopped and are not realistic in any way, shape or form! I am only here to enhance what you already have, I am not a magician. Honestly nearly every celebrity picture out there has been photoshopped and edited in some way, so when you’re looking at these please do not be shocked when you don’t look photoshopped when leaving the salon.

5) Brows – Ah, we really do take so much pride in our eyebrows! When it comes to eyebrows I am a real perfectionist as I really do feel they make such a difference to the face. If you’re having your makeup done for a big event and have booked it in advance a quick eyebrow tidy up before your appointment really just makes it look so much better on the day. I have people who come to me weekly so obviously I don’t expect them to have constantly tidy brows but for events such as formals it really helps your with your makeup if your eyebrows are nice and neat before you come to see me! I understand totally that some clients do not like to get their brows shaped and that is not a problem, as I say this isn’t a must but it can help.

So girls and guys, that was just a quick little guide on how to ensure your makeup appointment goes the best it can as I know a lot of you feel unsure on what you need to do before hand. Honestly you don’t NEED to do anything but a little prep the night before can really help!

If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to read next leave me a wee comment or drop me a little message.

Love, Suzy x


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