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Fenty Beauty Foundation - Has Riri done us proud?

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

So as most of you will already know Rihanna has released her own cosmetics line, everyone has been going mad to get their hands on it. Rihanna has made big and bold claims about her line saying that its designed to suit every skin tone, which has everyone excited due to the lack of colour choice for darker skin tones in the beauty industry. The range contains a variety of items such as highlighter, primer and foundations etc. Me being the foundation geek that I am, I had to get my hand on this foundation! I had heard so many good things so waiting for it to come to a store near me wasn’t an option, I ordered it online from Harvey Nichols which seems to be the only UK stockist.

There were 40 shades of the foundation, which delighted me as Rihanna is clearly trying to cater to as many skin tones as she can. Picking a colour online is always quite tricky but I’m usually quite good at guessing my shade and the website made it even easier with a description of each shade and an image. I picked the shade ‘260’ which claimed to have neutral undertones. It cost £26 which I was delighted about because I was expecting it to be a lot more expensive.

When it arrived I was delighted, I think the bottle itself is very minmal and I like that. Its sleek, not gimmicky or over the top which I think you can find a lot of beauty lines from celebrities can be quite gimmicky. So I was totally impressed with the appearance of the foundation itself but how would it perform? I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

The shaded was indeed neutral as it claimed, thank you Rihanna you babe!!! So many times a brand has claimed a shaded is ‘neutral’ then I have ended up either very pink or very yellow. It blends like a dream, covered every imperfection and didn’t emphasize any of the imperfections or large pores on my face. It didn’t feel heavy which I was happy about as I thought that it would feel slightly heavy due to the fullness of the coverage. I found that my skin actually looked somewhat ‘blurred‘ or ‘softened‘ which would make sense as it is called the ‘Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation‘. So far it is living up to what it claims to do and beyond that, I’m totally impressed. The colour is amazing, the coverage is amazing and the finish is amazing. Now all I needed to see was the lasting power.

For any of you that have read my previous blog posts you will know I am very oily and most foundations don’t tend to last very well on my skin, so I was worried that this foundation wouldn’t last very well as I loved it so much already I felt like it was all going to be too good to be true. WELL RIHANNA YOU HAVE WON MY HEART! I didn’t have to touch this up once and I barely had to powder as the day went on. It didn’t sink into any creases or lines. I had heard that it oxidises quite badly but personally I only found that it oxidised ever so slightly, so slightly that you woul barely even notice. It didn’t wear off, it stayed perfectly in place and it never got that tacky feeling as the day went on that I found a lot of my foundations do.

Massive, Massive thumbs up from me. I wasn’t expecting this foundation to be just so good but it has really pleasantly surprised me and now I can’t wait to try the rest of her products! Rihanna, you killed it!

Love, Suzy x

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