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Colourpop CUTE AF Palette – Just How Cute Is It?

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Being from Northern Ireland, it isn’t the most convenient thing trying to order online from America. This reason alone has always stopped me from ordering any Colourpop products, but I finally got my little makeup covered paws on their CUTE AF palette thanks to my fab friend. The excitement was super real as if you’ve ever heard of Colourpop then you will know that their products are high quality but low cost, and realistically who doesn’t want that?!

The palette retails at $16 – which is roughly around £11.40. So at this price you can’t complain, especially for the quality of the product.

On first opinions before even opening the palette it was genuinely ‘cute af’ and very on trend. The packaging is bold and I get quite a cheeky vibe of the palette (which suits me perfectly).  Now since I got this palette I have literally been using it everyday, I’m also an extremely messy girl so maybe the white packaging isn’t ideal for a messy chick like myself but I can look past that considering how obsessed I am with this palette.

Cute AF Colour Palatte

As I mentioned the palette gave off a ‘cheeky’ vibe I feel like this is emphasised by the names of the shades. They’re all quite current and youthful names. Packaging was cute, I liked it a lot, but it was inside this palette where the real magic was. 12 gorgeous on trend shades. If you have Instagram you will have found it nearly impossible to miss the current trend of burnt oranges, brick reds and all these warm and bright colours. This palette is like an Instagram trend that you can throw in your bag! The colours are absolutely beautiful and the pigmentation was even better.

I must admit when it comes to eyeshadows I feel like I’m a bit of an eyeshadow snob, I personally have always felt like the cheaper the eyeshadow/palette then the less pigmentation and colour pay off. This palette has really broken my thought pattern on inexpensive eyeshadows. The pigmentation is amazing and the colours are so strong, I was honestly shook. I genuinely prefer this palette to some of my expensive and high end palettes, and for roughly £11 that is just scandalous. So if you’re searching for a new palette, I recommend this. Spot on trend and amazing quality.

Am I converted to Colourpop for life? Yes.

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